About CDS Building Movers

CDS Building Movers is a structural moving and consulting company dedicated to the preservation and recycling of historically significant buildings and structures. Our services are available in North America to meet your raising, shoring, or relocation requirements of large structures or heritage buildings. For more complex projects, CDS works in partnership with other proven heritage move specialists.  To obtain related background information, please fill out our customer inquiry form or e-mail a brief description of your specific project to info@cdsmovers.com. We will provide references that are relative to the information requested

About Mario

Always a smile on his face, Mario has been working with CDS Building Movers for 18 years and is known as ‘Super Mario’ for obvious reasons.  He has two children, Kristine and Eric.  In his spare time, he plays hockey, rides motorcycles and enjoys spending time in nature.  For the past two years, his son Eric has worked with him during the summers at CDS Building Movers.

Mario is not a leader who just tells his team members what to do then walks away.  Most of the time he can be found hauling and installing blocks, jacks and other building moving equipment or working on the machines.  Mario operates heavy equipment like it is an extension of his body and makes the movements look easy and effortless.

When asked what is unique about the relocation of the Horticulture Building, he says,

The Lansdowne project is a bit different than others because we need to take the time to do everything to perfection because we have only one chance to move this building and we need to do it the right way.

The thing that I learned on this project is that we need a really good team to do a mega project, starting from our labour to our excellent manager.  Without all of these people there is no way a project like this can happen.”

Guy says, “Mario is a great leader and worker.  He is never stuck.  He always has ideas of how to overcome challenges or asks for ideas.  He believes that everything can be done

The CDS Crew

CDS Building Movers is a member of the International Association of Structural Movers. This 250-member Association operates from Alaska in the United States to New Zealand.


Our company has won nine international awards for equipment design and project innovation:

  • 1989 Best Time-Saving Device Design – Hydraulic Fifth Wheel
  • 1990 Best Time-Saving Device Design – Hydraulic Bolster Beam
  • 1992 Most Innovative Move – Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • 1994 Most Innovative Move – Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
  • 1995 Most Innovative Move – Walkerville Town Hall, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • 1996 Most Unusual Move
  • 1997 Most Innovative Move – Covered Bridge, Wakefield, Quebec
  • 1998 Best Time-Saving Device
  • 1999 Most Innovative Move


We provide comprehensive liability and structural coverage while your building is in our care. Our company is insured to work in Ontario and Quebec.

Please Note:  Work performed in Quebec is for on-site only.


  • Recycling Heritage and Historic Buildings
  • Feasibility Studies on Restoration Projects
  • International Consulting Services
  • Raising Roofs to Expand Commercial Buildings
  • Raising Houses or Cottages to Install Foundations
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