Our Services

We don’t just move buildings…

Our services range from a number of building related projects both commercial and residential.  We offer the following services:

  • Recycling Heritage and Historic Buildings
    CDS Building Movers has been involved in preserving many heritage buildings. Our most ambitious project to date is the relocation of the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa.  This unique 17,000 sq ft building, with a weight of 13,000 tons will be moved 600 ft overtop a new underground parking garage on behalf of the City of Ottawa.
  • Raising Houses or Cottages to Install Foundations
    CDS Building Movers’ most valued service to the homeowner is our ability to raise houses and cottages to allow for new foundations. We have designed equipment and developed techniques to make the seemingly impossible task of raising these buildings feasible and affordable.  CDS works with you to relieve the stress that can be associated with building foundation renovations.  CDS enjoys an excellent working relationship with a quality foundation firm to provide for you new basement or footing requirements.  CDS can also arrange for the excavation and removal of fill from your site.  These firms are experts at working underneath building.  CDS Building Movers provides referrals to structural engineers where required to assist in the permit process with your municipality.
  • Oil Tank Spills and Clean-ups
    We work closely with environmental recovery firms and insurance companies on oil tank spills and other hazardous spill projects
  • Raising Roofs to Expand Commercial Buildings
    CDS Building Movers can raise existing roofs on commercial buildings. The changing economy has left many industrial buildings empty, and the concept of big box stores has created a need for high roof clearances.
  • Shoring and Underpinning
    We offer shoring on projects where vertical walls of soil need to be stabilized, either as a permanent or temporary measure to prevent collapse.Underpinning is required when a structure is either sinking or is showing signs of subsidence which can appear as cracks in the masonry and concrete of the structure. It can also be used to create a void such as a room or cellar below an existing building. It can also be used to reinforce existing building and/or structures for additional storeys or extensions where the added weight requires strengthening of the existing footings.

CDS Building Movers will determine the feasibility of preserving and relocating heritage buildings. We will conduct studies and make presentations to committees, architects, engineers, and local authorities as required.

Our past experience and performance enable us to counsel on building preservation.