Preserving Heritage!!

Posted by Doug Dacey, July 28, 2012

In 1994, the Walkerville Preservation Group, engaged CDS movers to relocate the Walkerville Town Hall and Post Offi ce, which were slated for demolition in the event that it was not possible to move the buildings. The Town Hall building was approximately 63’ by 38’ and 750 tons.

This project was unique as a result of the significant and heavy cement safe in the post office that added to the special loading requirements (a heavy weight in a small area of the building). In addition, the main railway line (Windsor train station) was 20’ behind the building and there was a busy street 20’ in front of the building. CDS worked closely with the Windsor Depot to interface in a way that did not compromise the use of the railway. Precautions were implemented to reduce the impact on the busy street.

The project required extensive coordination with a private heritage group who was organizing the funding to move the buildings to the new lot to create a private art gallery.

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