Lansdowne Legacy Project Live Move!

Watch live streaming of the Lansdowne Legacy Move November 2 10am EDT

In May of 2012, CDS Building Movers began the relocation of the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park. There are only a few structural moving companies who have the expertise and depth to execute such a complex move — a move that requires a 98 year old brick building to be stabilized, lifted, moved approximately 600 feet over an underground parking garage, and then lowered onto a newly built foundation.

Classic 1882 Heritage Home saved from Demolition!

Classic 1882 Heritage Home saved from Demolition – once again CDS Building Movers comes to the Rescue!

An original South March home built in the 1850’s became the local post office, grocery and dry goods store and overall meeting place for the folks of South March from 1892 to 1938.

CDS moved the building back 30 meters off the soon to be expanded roadway.

The Stone for the house was quarried from the site and saved from the big fire of 1897 that swept the area. The porches have been removed and you can only imagine local gentry, farmers and travellers sitting out on the large porches in the evening.