Q:  Does CDS build the foundation?
A:  CDS partners and has alliances with quality firms for foundations, excavation and structural engineering to provide a full-service offering.

Q:  How do you dig a basement once the house is blocked up?
A:  If excavation beneath the building is required, the method of raising the building is somewhat different. CDS would need to know this up-front for quotation purposes.  In these scenarios there is usually an additional site visit required with our equipment to re-locate the support cribs.  In choosing an excavation company, they would need to have small enough equipment for digging under the building and have experience in this field.  It is important that the excavation company chosen for the job have proper insurance coverage.  It is sometimes advisable to roll the house off of the existing foundation or footing to provide clear and full access for the new basement.  This is especially important where there is rock that needs to broken, or there is a high water table.  All rock-breaking equipment is rented by the hour and considered an extra.

Q:  Can you live in the house when it is up on blocks?
  For safety reasons, CDS does not recommend that you live in the house when on blocks

Q:  How high can you block up a building?
A:  There are no physical restrictions to height, but there will most likely be economic and aesthetic restrictions.  The higher you go the more costly it becomes.  There is a surcharge for buildings raised over 12 ft.

Q:  How do you know how much weight the blocks can hold?  Are these engineered?
  The standard blocking and design of the support cribs are engineered for up to 12 ft lifts and may support various levels of weight depending on the layout of the blocking.

Q:  Does weather play a factor in raising a house?
A:  If there is no excavation involved, weather generally does not become a factor.  If there is excavation to be done and/or a new foundation to be installed, then it is wise to plan the project for a time of better weather if possible.  CDS provides winter work services and normally foundations can be commenced as early as March 4th (before the half-load transport restrictions come into effect).

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