Meet Denis Barrette from D.B. Xcavation

Denis is well respected as a hardworking team member who watches out for the safety of everyone on site.  Always a friendly smile on his face, he clearly loves his job and takes pride in his work.  It is rare to see a heavy equipment operator who interacts so readily with the rest of the team, even when it means hopping out of the cab to help with the insertion of the steel or even to place cribbing.

Denis, the owner of DB Xcavation, believes that he has the greatest job on earth.  He takes the time to understand the job at hand then does his best to satisfy his clients. Typical jobs that his company takes on are:

  • excavation,
  • sceptic beds,
  • retaining walls,
  • snow plowing,
  • landscaping of final grades, and
  • supporting building moves

He has a solid reputation as a hard-working, honest, get to the point guy.  You don’t get surprises with Denis.  The price is the price (unless you change the scope of work).

Mario says that Denis is a “hard worker and willing to get out of his machine.  He is friendly with everybody”

We are fortunate to have Denis as part of the Lansdowne team and look forward to many future projects with him as well.

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